Our History :

Established in 1986, El Amar Group is one of Egypt’s leading real estate development companies.
Over three decades our group has delivered a wide range of projects amassing a diverse portfolio of residential, mixed-use and vacation properties all over Egypt. This includes 13 resorts on the North Coast ( the largest number for any developer in this region) and 56
residential/mixed-use building complexes spread across the country. With our first resort in 1993, El Amar Group was one of the first to begin developing on the North Coast of Egypt.
We aim to deliver top quality developments in prime locations. All of our properties are built to our clients specifications and are designed with comfort and lifestyle in mind, from the architecture to the landscaping and facilities.

Our group is built on the principles of trust and excellence. Our firm prides itself on always fulfilling its commitments to clients and delivering its projects on the agreed upon timeline. This has made us one of the most reputable developers in the real estate industry and allowed us to build long sustainable relationships with our clients that continue to today.
With our large land bank we aim to launch several projects in the coming years and to continue to deliver top quality developments all over Egypt.

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Corporate Values

Trust :

One of our founding principles is trust. El Amar Group prides itself on always fulfilling its commitments to clients and delivering high quality developments . El Amar Group delivers its projects on time and does not hand residential units late to clients. In several cases we have delivered our developments before the agreed upon timeline.

Experience :

Our group has been operating since 1986 and is one of Egypts longest running real estate development construction firms. Our project portfolio includes 13 Resorts and 56 residential/mixed-use buildings spread across Egypt. With our first resort in 1993 our company was one of the first to develop in the North Coast and with 13 resorts we are the top developer in this region of any company in Egypt. Our experience has endowed us with the skills and resources to deliver a wide range of high quality developments to our clients.

Excellence :

El Amar strives to deliver top quality developments with all facilities available. From the construction down to the landscaping and designs. Our group consists of 4 companies each operating in the real estate & construction industry. This structure has endowed our company with a high degree of specialization and expertise . Our combination of experience and excellence enables us to deliver properties of superior detail and quality.